Setting communities in motion

Technology streamlines communication. Communication encourages connections. Connections shape communities.

Today’s tech-savvy seniors demand interactivity and crave social connection. Communities set themselves apart by inspiring seniors to dive deeper and engage. That’s exactly what Ripple’s user-friendly suite of tech tools was crafted to do.

Create a more immersive senior living experience through portals and kiosks, and bring your community to life from a digital perspective.

Ways to connect and engage:

Portal Suite

  • Engage residents, create social connections, share community information and gather feedback.
  • Spark excitement to retain interest and generate sales, maintain contact, share important updates and provide a platform for engagement.
  • Keep employees informed with streamlined communication, access online from any location and connect with the community brand.


  • Community communication
  • Content changes made remotely and efficiently
  • Showcase renderings of residences and amenities
  • Allows prospect and peer exploration
  • Sales engagement and support

Discovery Screens

  • Showcase campuses and residences through photography and detailed renderings
  • Environmental design elements within spaces complemented by savvy technology
  • Simple FAQ screens address key topics and generate dialogue with prospects

VR/3-D Visualization

  • 3D floor plans provide viewers with a warmer, more comprehensive rendering of interior floor plans.
  • Preconstruction 360-degree virtual tours showcase what’s to come and facilitate sales.
  • Dynamic finishing selection tool allows for engaging home customization and timely facilities fulfillment.

Content Management Systems

  • Provide a create once, publish everywhere capability.
  • Seamlessly manage content updates across your portal suites and kiosks.
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