The Ripple Product Suite

Touch. Click. Engage.

Today’s tech-savvy seniors demand interactivity and crave social connection and choice. Communities set themselves apart by inspiring seniors to dive deeper and engage. That’s exactly what Ripple’s user-friendly suite was crafted to do.


Meeting and exceeding expectations

A tailored solution was needed, so we built one from the ground up. With a proprietary Content Management System designed and developed specifically for your administrators, RippleCMS will make communications work for you – not the other way around. Broadcast your messages to any screen, whether on a monitor installed within your community or on a device your residents own. RippleCMS finds users where they are, delivers them timely information, and provides the ability to interact and engage. It’s the convenience your future residents have come to expect.

Create Once – Publish Everywhere

A single platform that can do it all

Managing multiple systems creates duplicative chores that are wholly inefficient. By connecting all the Ripple products to the same Content Management System, content creators can save time by entering key information once and pushing it to multiple touchpoints.

RippleCMS is a proprietary system developed by GlynnDevins specifically for the senior living industry. It thoughtfully considers different administrators within a community, providing each with an intuitive tool that’s relevant to their role.

A single platform that can do it all

Save Time & Money

A Turn-key Suite of Intuitive Products

These tools minimize paper waste and the valuable time of the resources who have traditionally managed cork boards and populated mail boxes. Senior audiences are more comfortable with technology than ever – are you? If not, let us introduce you to the first turn-key digital communications platform developed specifically for senior living and housing communities.

Sales Engagement & Support

Showcase your vision! These dynamic tools foster meaningful engagement and facilitate decisions that drive sales efforts.

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Community Communications

These integrated products provide the most effective way to connect to your audiences on the screens they most often view.

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