For senior living, healthcare, and financial services

Invest in strong solutions proven to turn leads into results.

Generate, nurture, and convert high-quality leads while ensuring your marketing investment works faster, and more efficiently from lead to revenue.

Omnichannel Lead Generation & Nurturing Bundle

The Omnichannel Lead Generation & Nurturing Bundle combines exclusive lead generation with lead nurturing campaigns to help AL/MC communities reach their occupancy goals. The program is hinged on carefully tuned educational content developed to help each family advance in their journey.

The fully automated solution will help your community deliver a consistent narrative to consumers as they engage with these pieces of content, self-qualify and gain confidence in their decision to move toward an appointment with one of your sales counselors.

  • Sellers spend less time educating leads and more time building rapport and closing move-ins
  • Leads will be more confident when they engage, meaning less time will be spent on nonviable leads
  • A shortened sales cycle will allow for faster turnaround when new units become available
  • Nurture leads from any source, to improve conversion and return from marketing investments in shared lead providers


Boost lead generation and drive conversion with a rock-solid foundation.

  • Mobile-first, modern and engaging
  • Optimized performance
  • Embraces top accessibility and compliance standards

Built with:

  • Website Conversion Playbook
  • Senior Living SEO Baseline
  • 360-degree Connector Toolkit

Marketing Automation

GD Marketing Automation bridges the gap between marketing and sales by:

  • Moving qualified leads through the journey faster
  • Increasing appointment conversion
  • Helping convert more leads with fewer sales touch points

Marketing automation tracks your leads’ digital behavior and scores for a deeper understanding of who they are and where they are on their journey.

Digital Media

Generate and re-engage the right leads for stronger community pipelines.

GD Media can plan and deploy strategies to achieve goals like:

  • Prospecting and lead generation
  • Re-engaging dormant or lost leads
  • Improving brand awareness
  • Addressing low occupancy levels or inventory issues
  • Promoting upcoming events

Custom Audiences

Unlock unparalleled targeting with the GD Insights Platform.

Cross-functional teams leverage a wealth of third-party data as well as a catalog of primary data to extract insights that inform action. GlynnDevins enriches your lead profiles with over 650 variables in our platform, resulting in superior audience development.

Lead Predictor Score

Data scientists at GlynnDevins have pioneered the GD Lead Predictor Score, a proprietary analysis that shows your team which leads to work, which to nurture, and which to ignore. To establish your scoring model, we:

  • Enrich your lead profiles with data appends.
  • Analyze your historical depositor data and the appended profiles.
  • Adapt the formula used to calculate each score to your community.

The GD Lead Predictor Score automatically identifies the leads who need your attention … now.

SEO & Social Media

GD SEO & Social Media will influence buyers across every stage of their journey. Our hands-on, data-driven approach will increase brand visibility and web traffic, all while improving the quality (and quantity) of your organic leads.

  • Provide authentic glimpses into living at your community
  • Making a positive first impression
  • Continuing to provide real-time answers and support
  • Establishing genuine connections to drive loyalty and advocacy

Reputation Management

From awareness to interest to education, actively managing your community’s reputation can positively impact multiple phases of the buyer journey.

  • Our platform ensures your listing data is accurate, consistent and optimized
  • Our seasoned communications experts deliver thoughtful responses that infuse your brand’s culture and purpose into your community’s messaging
  • Our strategies guarantee visibility of your community’s presence across today’s top services, including Yelp

Engagement Center

Swiftly flex the size of your team for a defined period. GD Engagement Center is fast to start with clear pricing, providing results-driven and customer-centric services.

Through personalized tactics like caller ID masking, we look, sound and feel like a part of your organization through the following channels:

  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Calls
  • Chat
  • SMS

Brand Launch

GD Brand Launch is GlynnDevins’ research-based ​approach to defining your organization’s unique ​competitive position in your specific marketplace. ​

Whether you need a competitive messaging strategy ​and brand identity for a new development— or it’s time ​to refresh your brand strategy because of changing ​dynamics impacting your organization— this is a proven ​approach to get you there successfully. ​

The strategic platform for everything you do moving forward.

Other Services

In addition to the services listed here, our capabilities include the following:

  • Creative Development
  • Crisis Communications
  • Email Marketing
  • Virtual Events
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • CRM Consultation & Integration
  • Loyalty and Recruitment