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Senior Living Research, Sales, and Consultancy

Brooks Adams from GlynnDevins offers senior living communities customized research, sales and consulting services to help you make smarter business decisions.


Ask the right questions to find real answers and make informed decisions.

We offer customized studies for clients, in addition to a wide variety of turnkey market research products and services that can help clients achieve marketing and occupancy goals. We also offer multimodal studies to cross-validate data and identify trends.

Our Services:
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Competitive analysis
  • Focus groups
  • Dial groups
  • Online groups
  • Generations – The Power of Boomers 50+ online consumer panel
  • Lifestyle segmentation studies
  • Demographic studies
  • Customer and employee satisfaction surveys
  • Direct mail and phone surveys
  • Interviews
  • Ad and product testing
  • Market mapping

On-Site Sales Support

Optimize your sales team with experienced sales management and professional programs.

Our Services:
  • Recruitment and hiring with a multi-tiered process
  • A focus on ethics, attitude, intellect and team-building
  • Comprehensive relationship-based sales training and coaching
  • Integrated REPS/lead management training
  • Oversight and on-site sales management
  • Lead scoring, tracking, metrics and individual support


Working closely with our market research and sales teams, we offer specialized consulting services to maximize occupancy and marketing programs.

Our Services:
  • Evaluations of products/programs in relation to competitors and national trends
  • Benchmarking to optimize performance
  • Marketing audits and reviews to optimize ROI
  • Pricing, incentives and promotions strategies
  • Contract options and positioning strategy


Make your voice heard! We welcome your insights about important topics such as senior living, technology and lifestyle. As a member of the nation’s largest senior consumer opinion panel, your voice will be heard by planners, architects, designers, marketers and service providers across the country.

You could win! We periodically send out surveys and you may answer as many or as few as you like. For each survey you complete, you’ll be included in a sweepstakes prize drawing, or you could win cash prizes ranging from $5 for quick surveys to $200 for lengthy studies.

Your privacy is important. Your contact information will be used solely by Brooks Adams from GlynnDevins to conduct panel research and award prizes. We will not share, sell or rent your personal information to any other organization.

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